Monday, 11 March 2013

Interview with the Nigerian Powerhouse; Anowa Adjah

Meet Ms. Anowa Adjah, Entrepreneur, Fitness Professional, Model, Motivational Speaker and Founder Powerhouse Physiques, LLC. She is Nigerian and largely referred to as the "Nigerian Powerhouse'. She stands at 5'10 inches tall and weighs a 206 pounds. The following are excerpts of her interview culled from

UM: Who is Ms. Anowa?

I was born in Brooklyn, New York but both of my parents were born in Nigeria. My father came to the states to pursue his education and then once he became established he sent for my mother. They raised my 2 sisters, brother, and I in New York, then we later moved to New Jersey. I graduated from Temple University with a BA in Public Relations. I am also a certified Fitness Expert

UM: What inspired you into fitness?

My mother was a major influence on me to do Fitness. She was a former Track & Field athlete in Nigeria and has always been committed to working out and taking care of herself.

UM: How do you combine being a motivational speaker, published writer, fitness professional & model?

The most important thing to remember while juggling all my responsibilities is prioritizing. My main source of income comes from being a Fitness Professional; therefore I take care of that responsibility before anything else. In retrospect I only deal with modeling, writing, and speaking occasionally so it's not very hard to manage those positions.

UM: What is your current project "The cause"?

The Powerhouse Campaign was created to raise money towards the production of the first Powerhouse Workout DVD series. The Powerhouse Workout DVD series will be one of the first to show women how to lose weight while keeping their curves. There are also exercises, in the series, which cater to men. The reason why I chose to raise money instead of using a sponsor was to draw attention to the lack of curvier women being showcased in the Health & Fitness Industry. The industry needs to branch out and accommodate women of all shapes and sizes. There are plenty of women who love their curves and do not desire to be stick-figures. In regards, by having people invest in the Powerhouse campaign with a purchase of a Workout DVD it will show, in numbers, that there is a demand for this product.

UM: Have you got any plans to establish in (your home country) Nigeria?

Yes, I have plans to coordinate a Fitness & Wellness tour in Nigeria. In this tour, I will be explaining the proper food regimens and demonstrating some effective exercises in losing weight. In addition, I will also be opening the floor to a Q & A.

UM: What advice do you have for anyone especially ladies who want to get fit?

The most important thing you need to do once you decide to pursue a healthier lifestyle is to establish a fitness goal. Are you trying to lose, tone, or manage your weight? Secondly, develop ways on how you would like to accomplish that goal whether it's joining a gym or running every morning. In order to get healthy, you must have a plan.

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